What is Velocity?

From day one, Velocity maximizes engineering impact with trusted and actionable insights for leaders and teams at all levels.

Written by Francesca Gottardo
Updated over a week ago

From day one, the Velocity Platform maximizes engineering impact for all levels at the engineering organization to gather data-driven visibility into teams' capacity, delivery, quality, culture, costs, and progress toward key goals. Velocity uses trusted and actionable insights to enable teams to drive change and predictably deliver business impact using a single platform.

Here’s how Velocity works:

  • Automatically and securely ingests, cleans, and links data from all the systems where engineers work.

  • Surfaces the most actionable insights based on your data and our AI, which is trained by the data from thousands of engineering organizations.

  • Easily scales enterprise-wide, can be configured for different roles and needs, and add your business context with read/write capabilities.

  • Empowers you to amplify impact with an experienced customer organization and community that delivers the latest best practices.

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