Velocity is an engineering intelligence tool that provides actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

Engineering leaders are responsible for an invisible process. To piece together what’s happening behind the curtain, they’re forced to look through project management software, SCMs, Slack and emails, and then tap shoulders for additional context. But the sheer quantity of data spread across multiple systems makes it impossible to see the forest for the trees. 

Velocity uses the data from your source control management (SCM) systems to help engineering leaders fill in the blanks and get a complete understanding of how their team works. Objective data paired with meaningful conversations provides full transparency into:

  • Continuous Delivery: how frequently teams are shipping, compared to last sprint, month or quarter

  • Process effectiveness: when and why a scaling team has outgrown its processes 

  • Roadblocks and bottlenecks: what’s causing engineers or teams of engineers to get stuck

  • Personal development: what growth opportunities can leadership provide to retain talent

While the tool is designed for engineering leadership, it benefits and aligns the whole team, from individual engineer to engineering executive.

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