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Is this counting LOC?
Is this counting LOC?

No, we believe lines of code is a poor proxy for shipped, quality code.

Written by Mike Koeneke
Updated over a week ago

Nope. We understand that this is a poor proxy for the kind of output which matters -- shipped, quality code. Optimizing for this metric incentivizes the wrong behaviors, leading to poor quality code and disengaged teams.

Instead, we focus on 3 different kinds of metrics, which serve to help you improve different parts of the software delivery process. 

  • Work Habits: metrics such as Pull Request Size, Time-to-Open, and Pushes per Day help encourage developers to take on smaller chunks of work and build more modular, maintainable code. 

  • Collaboration: metrics such as Time-to-Review, Review Coverage, Review Cycles help you ensure that code reviews are thorough, helpful and efficient. 

  • Efficiency: metrics such as Commits per Day, Pull Requests Merged, and Deploys help you ensure your team’s hard work is resulting in continuous shipping of features

This suite of metrics is greater than the sum of its parts. Introducing healthy practices, improving collaboration, and streamlining process, together, will increase your team’s productivity in a way that LOC couldn’t.  

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