At the end of the day both managers and engineers are after similar outcomes -- they want to ship code to production, frequently, and see the results of their labor come to fruition. As we often say at Code Climate HQ, the happiest engineers are the most productive engineers, and vice versa.

The most immediate benefits for engineers are:

  • Efficiency: Velocity helps manager spot and remove bottlenecks and frustrating roadblocks that keep engineers from having their hard work pay off. 

  • Autonomy: Velocity provides alerts and stand-up reports, so teams have the freedom to self-correct and take action without a manager needing to ever step in. 

  • Professional Development: Velocity’s reports aligns engineers and managers, so they can have deeper and more concrete conversations about actual work and set mutually beneficial goals. 

Also, make sure that your team knows that you’re not replacing conversations with numbers. The metrics are designed to work in context, so that you can see whether issues are outliers or part of a larger problem.

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