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How do I get buy-in from my team?
How do I get buy-in from my team?

Advocating for data-driven engineering to your team members.

Written by Francesca Gottardo
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The happiest engineers work on the most productive teams and vice versa.

The most immediate benefits for engineers are:

  • Provides a holistic view of engineering health

    • Discover growing pains and inefficiencies in your scaling organization

    • Dive deeper into the day-to-day development process and the over SDLC

    • Accurate visibility into engineering time and resources to improve team efficiency and retention

  • Empowers actionable and customizable insights at all levels

    • Elevate your team and ensure efficient resource allocation

    • Lead with data guide organizations to look past bottom-line metrics

    • Evaluate working trends with a visualized and customized view

    • Alerts and standup reports to self-correct and take action

  • Maximize engineering and business impact

    • Surface and diagnose data that can lead to risks

    • Identify escalations and SDLC bottlenecks to forecast delivery delays

    • Report on engineering performance and export Engineering data to view alongside other organizational information

    • Enable organizations to answer pressing and organization-specific questions

  • Forecast delivery commitments

    • Track real-time progress toward concrete engineering goals

    • Unified data-driven prediction for all delivery and commitments

    • Ensure Continuous Delivery as organizations scale

    • Quantify how fast work is moving through the development process

  • Coach careers with context

    • Advocate for workload, and bandwidth, and come prepared to standups, 1:1s, monthly check-ins, and quarterly reviews

    • Build tailored coaching programs

    • Data-driven performance patterns for optimal growth opportunities

Velocity metrics and reports aim to provide context, allowing you to determine whether issues are outliers or part of a bigger problem and course correct accordingly.

We recommend focusing on 3–5 areas that are important to your team and working with your Customer Success team to establish an action plan for improvement.

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