How do I justify the cost of Velocity?

Across hundreds of our customer organizations, we’ve identified the following trends in saving costs:

  • Engineering capacity: With a clear understanding of when your team is efficient and why it’s being slowed down, you can build a leaner process for CI/CD, unlocking your team’s full engineering potential. Our customers typically see at least a 20% increase in their team’s productivity, as measured by deploys per week. 

  • Realizing scale: Too often productivity doesn’t scale linearly with headcount. Velocity helps you discover your growing pains and inefficiencies in your scaling organization, so you can make adjustments to your processes that sets them up for a growing team. For example, Velocity can provide insight into how long it takes new engineers to become effective contributors, so that you can work to improve onboarding procedures.

  • Manager efficiency: With all the data-points accessible instantly, Managers save on average 30 minutes a day that they would otherwise be consulting various sources of information.

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