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Who is this tool for, exactly?
Who is this tool for, exactly?

End-users and roles who benefit from Velocity.

Written by James McGill
Updated over a week ago

Velocity is built for Engineering Leaders who want to have a deeper understanding of how their team works and where they can improve.

The product has two primary users:

  • Engineering Managers who are responsible for 5+ engineers, either directly or indirectly (responsible for engineering leads). They are interested in helping stuck engineers and building stronger and more efficient processes to ensure frequent deployment.

  • Engineering Executives who are representing the successes and needs of the entire engineering department to other stakeholders. They are predominantly concerned with long-term productivity, and clear, objective measures of success.

Other roles within product and engineering, while not primary users, can also benefit from Velocity:

  • Engineers who are more productive are happier, and vice versa. Velocity helps engineers stay unstuck and have greater ownership over their work.

  • Product Leaders often find it difficult to align with engineering, causing product roadmaps to be wishlists rather than actual plans. Armed with Velocity, Engineering can better communicate their timelines and stay on track each quarter.

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