Pull Request Success Rate
Written by Mike Koeneke
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The proportion of pull requests that were merged, out of the total number of pull requests that were opened and then either closed or merged within a specified period.

PRs that are still open, including abandoned PRs, have no impact on the metric.

Why it matters

The number of pull requests that went through the process without being discarded (closed without merging) is one measure of the efficiency of your process. A low or declining Pull Request Success Rate represents high or increasing waste.

How to use it

If your Pull Requests Success rate is low or decreasing, take a look at specific, unsuccessful, closed PRs to identify patterns. Common reasons for a low success rate include changing requirements, unclear technical direction, or implementation challenges.


The median organization merges 93% of PRs. The bottom tenth of organizations merge less than 90% of PRs, while the top tenth merge more than 97%.


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