Review Speed
Written by Francesca Gottardo
Updated over a week ago

The time between when a pull request is opened and when a specific reviewer submits their first review.

Why it matters: If you’re practicing some form of CI/CD, you’ll want to make sure that work is consistently moving through the software development process. If work consistently gets stuck in the review process, it could be a sign that work is being pushed in large, difficult-to-review increments. Or that your reviewers aren’t well positioned to quickly get to pull requests pending review. 

How to use it: When this number is high, it may indicate that reviews are not a high-priority item for reviewers, either because of process or bandwidth issues. Use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate how reviews get assigned and to whom. 

Review speed considers initial code reviews only (not subsequent reviews).

Benchmarks: Top performing engineering organizations achieve a Review Speed of 24 hours or faster.

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