Issues Completed
Written by Mike Koeneke
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The number of issues that went from a JIRA status of “In Progress”, “Started” or “In Development” to a resolution of “Done,” “Fixed” or “Resolved.”

Why it Matters

Issues Completed provides the total count of issues that were started and completed in a given time period. Thus, a total count of Issues Completed can serve as a proxy for value delivered.

How to use it

Use this metric to understand the baseline of how many issues are being completed over time, signaling whether your product and engineering teams are getting more or less productive. This long-term understanding of your output and the direction it’s trending helps you see whether changes to the team are having the expected impact.

Use the advanced filtering to view Issues Completed by epic, project, issue type and sprint to get even more insights into what work is being completed in a given time period.

Note: For an issue to be considered "completed" in Velocity, it must have a Jira resolution. If you're using a non-standard Jira workflow, ensure that the resolution is set to "Done" once an issue moves into your "Done", "Fixed", or "Resolved" status.

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