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Does Velocity have pair programming support?
Does Velocity have pair programming support?
Written by Mike Koeneke
Updated over a week ago

Yes, it does. Pair programming support manifests in three main ways in the platform.

First of all, every metric in the application that takes commit activity into account will now reflect pair programming data. For example, if Hermione (author) and Snape (co-author) write 302 lines of code in a pairing session, both of their PR size metrics will reflect this change in the app. Previously, only Hermione’s PR size metric would be affected.

Secondly, co-authorship is now accounted for in the Team and Developer360 Activity tabs. Before, a purple commit bubble would only show up on Hermione’s line (if she was the author) and not on Snape’s (the co-author), even if they had been coding together. Now, the commit bubbles will show up on both axes of activity.

It’s important to note that once the PR is opened, however, only the author’s name will appear.

Finally, for all Velocity customers with integrated Jira instances, pair programming data will display in the Workstreams report when users hover over any commit activity that was co-authored (see below).

Note: If the author of a commit is also listed in the co-authored list, related contributions are attributed to the author only once.

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