We’re introducing a new look for our Velocity navigation! The platform is growing, and we’ve redesigned the navigation to make it even easier to use Velocity to find the answers you’re looking for.

Things look a bit different, but don't worry, all your favorite reports are still there (plus more!) — they’re just organized in a new way, around what you’re trying to use Velocity for.

Velocity’s all-new navigation now lives at the top of the page, organized into the following three categories:

Align — Create transparency that ensures your technical teams are in sync with product and business initiatives. Here you can find reports aimed at helping executives align on business priorities and ensure optimal resource allocation across teams.

You’ll be able to understand how your team’s productivity changes over time and visualize key metrics to uncover trends.

Deliver — Innovate faster than your competition by bringing new products and features to market, faster. These reports are designed to help engineering leadership deliver high-quality code quickly and consistently.

You can easily see what your team is working on (such as what pull requests have been recently edited) and understand how Code Review and PR resolution are impacting your team’s delivery time.

Improve — Build a culture of excellence through objective metrics. Here you can find reports designed to help leadership and team managers improve their team’s processes and skills to create a high-performance culture.

You can track how your team is progressing towards their goals and performing over time to help identify the best practices that make sense in your organization.

This is a fresh take on the same insightful Velocity reports you’ve been using. We’ll be rolling this out to all of our users by the end of January.

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