Deploy Frequency

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Written by Mike Koeneke
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A measurement of how frequently the engineering team is successfully deploying code to production.

Why it Matters

Deploy Frequency helps you assess how often the team is shipping software to your customers and therefore how frequently you can get features out to customers. The best teams deploy multiple times per day, meaning they deploy on-demand as code is ready to be shipped. The higher your deployment frequency, the more often code is going out to end users.

How to use it

If your team is deploying less than multiple times per day, it’s in your organization’s best interest to work on improving this metric.

If you need to improve your organization’s Deploy Frequency, we recommend that you focus on:

  • Focus on creating smaller PRs

  • Improve automated test coverage


According to Google's 2023 State of DevOps Report, about half of survey respondents deploy more than once per week, with the top 18% of respondents deploying on demand.

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