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How to manually create JIRA Webhooks for Velocity
How to manually create JIRA Webhooks for Velocity
Written by James McGill
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To connect Velocity to your Jira instance, you'll need to create a PMT (via your PMT settings). The PMT requires a Personal Access Token and the associated email address. When the PMT is created, Velocity will attempt to install Jira webhooks, which are required to keep your Jira data up-to-date in Velocity.

If the Personal Access Token does not include JIRA Admin (`Administer Jira` global) permission, Velocity won't be able to create the required Jira webhooks automatically. In this scenario, you'll need to manually create a Jira webhook by following the instructions below.

Note: to complete your integration between Velocity and Jira, you must have a PMT created (including a PAT and email credentials). Manual webhooks are only required when those credentials don't include Jira Admin permissions. The manual creation of webhooks (alone) is not sufficient to complete the integration; the webhooks must be accompanied by the creation of a PMT.

We use Basic Auth for JIRA Cloud and older JIRA Server versions, and Bearer token for JIRA Server v8.14+.

Setting up Webhooks

To set up manual webhooks, regardless of your JIRA version, follow these steps:

  1. Click the admin gear in the top right corner of your JIRA instance

  2. Select systems from the admin gear menu

  3. Select “Webhooks” from the Sidebar

  4. Click "+ Create a Webhook"

  5. Enter the following fields into the Create Webhook form:

    1. Name: Velocity

    2. Status: Enabled

    3. Description: Velocity Webhook

    4. Events: Leave as "All Issues" (we recommend marking "All issues" however you can enter JQL to select projects)

    5. Check all event checkboxes

    6. Click Save

  6. Once you save, your webhooks should be set up

If you're not a JIRA Admin, you do need to take the additional step of having a JIRA Admin set up the webhook.

For more information or help troubleshooting, visit JIRA’s support documentation on setting up manual webhooks:

For Jira Cloud:

For Data Center and JIRA Server (all versions):

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