We connect PRs and commits to JIRA tickets by checking if they contain a JIRA human issue ID (i.e. <project id>-<number>) that matches a JIRA issue record in our Data Base.

  • For PRs, we check the PR title, body, or head ref for issue IDs.

  • For commits, we check the commit message. We also check the PR associated with the commit - if the individual commit doesn’t contain an ID but the PR it’s associated with does, it will be considered traceable.

How do we know which commits or PRs have been associated with JIRA issues?

We use numbers in commit messages or - if a PR is associated with the commit - in the PR title, body, or head ref to associate issues with commits and count traceability. In turn, this shows the portion of code changes that are tracked by an issue.

Learn more about Traceability here.

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