The Workstreams index page gathers and lists active boards and sprints (list of Scrum and Kanban JIRA boards)

The Workstreams index is arranged so that each active sprint/board gets a row.

The left column is the list of boards or sprints.

Missing boards or sprints

Your boards may not be showing because your team is not affiliated with the boards in Code Climate.

Navigate to Settings —> People. Scroll down to teams and select a team.

After selecting a team, click on the board tab. Make sure the missing boards are selected in the multi-select menu and hit save.

Grouped Boards

If you have a sprint appear in more than one board, we show the first board/sprint and the others show up when moused over.

Board Types

Boards appear on the workstreams page via its associated active sprints, and the associated project is shown in the leftmost column. Each board/sprint in the Workstreams index page is categorized by type:

  • Scrum (we show the Sprint name)

  • Kanban (we show the Board name)

What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum?

Issues Column

The issues column shows the number of incomplete issues on a board.

Workstreams Detail Page

Once you have selected a board or sprint, you will be directed to the Workstreams Detail page for a deep dive into the selected board or sprint.

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