Managers need a sense of how their team is performing relative to their overall goals.

The Retrospective report pulls data from JIRA to give managers a sense of how their team is performing relative to their project management goals over a given time frame.

Managers can use the dropdown menus at the top of the report to visualize Key Issue metrics jointly with PR metrics.

  • Issues Completed by Type, so managers can get a sense of what percentage of each issue type (e.g. story, bug) is taking up their team’s time.

  • Coding by Change Type, so managers can determine what kind of work this team is doing(e.g. building new features, refactoring). The bottom of the page lists the team’s most active issues within the selected time frame, along with relevant details, including:

    • Issue Key

    • Title of the Issue with a link to it in JIRA

    • Issue Health, an alerting system for risky Issues, based on your definition of risk (configured in Settings > Health Check > Issue Health).

    • Activity, a synthetic metric that summarizes how much engineering time and attention has been spent on a particular Issue. A higher Activity Issue is a higher risk, and thus an opportunity for further investigation.

    • Assignee of the Issue

Clicking into an issue will bring up a drill-down of all the Pull Requests associated with that Issue Key, along with each PR’s Health, Activity, and Age.

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