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Pull Request Risks

Here you can learn how to configure risk alerts in Velocity

Written by James McGill
Updated over a week ago

Risk alerts are triggered based on organizational thresholds set by Velocity Admin. You can use those risk alerts to spot at-risk work. The organizational threshold will be applied to all teams, unless overridden for a specific team.

How to set your organization’s risk thresholds

  1. Navigate to PR risks in the Settings page

  2. Set PR risk parameters

How to override pull request risk thresholds

  1. Navigate to Teams Setting page

  2. Choose the team you would like to be excluded from the PR risk alerts

  3. Click on the "PR Settings"

  4. Set the PR risk parameters for this specific team

    1. Settings here will override your organization's risk thresholds for Pull Requests opened by contributors on this team

  5. Click "Save" on the bottom right

*Please note that this setting is only applicable for Pull Requests in GitHub repositories. For pull requests in non-GitHub repositories, Velocity will default to: a pull request is ready for review when the PR is created.

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