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Written by Abdullah Chowdhury
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Mapping Engineering Insights to Business Outcomes

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Speaker: Andrew Gassen, Sr. Director of Customer Org at Code Climate
Publish Date: 11.30.2023
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Expectations of engineering teams are higher than ever, but many engineering teams looking to improve outcomes are falling into a common anti-pattern – improving team performance metrics for the sake of demonstrating progress.

To truly help their teams excel, engineering leaders need to start with target business outcomes in mind, then identify engineering insights that matter most. With business outcomes as a guide, engineering teams can focus on making impactful improvements and start delivering even more business value.

At this live webinar and Q/A, we will explore:

  • The difference between engineering insights and business outcomes

  • Why connecting the two concepts is critical

  • A method you can use in your organization to help map your engineering insights to business outcomes

How to Get Started with Engineering Metrics - Part 1 & Part 2

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Speaker: Mike Koeneke, Sr. Product Manager at Code Climate
Publish Date: 01.25.2024 & 02.29.2024

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Engineering leaders understand the importance of data in their decision making but are often overwhelmed on where to start. They often ask “which metric improvements should take priority for my team?”

At this two-part live webinar and Q/A, we will explore:

  • A framework for achieving perspective on the bottlenecks that can affect your team

  • How to take practical and achievable steps towards improvement

  • How to avoid over optimization on a single metric at the detriment of another

How to Use DORA Metrics to Improve Your DevOps Performance

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Speaker: Madison Unell, Sr. Product Manager at Code Climate
Publish Date: 03.26.2024

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​DORA metrics have become increasingly popular as they offer DevOps teams a means to gauge their performance. When used thoughtfully, DORA metrics can help engineering leaders highlight areas worth attention, serving as a starting point from which teams can investigate the efficacy of their processes and make changes, then track the impact of those changes.

At this live webinar and Q/A, we will:

  • Highlight the four DORA metrics and understand why they are important

  • Review best practices in setting up DORA metrics

  • Identify use cases for DORA metrics in order to maximize engineering impact in your organization

How to Drive Behaviors to Improve Software Reliability

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Speaker: Dean Hinnegan-Stevenson, Strategic Account Manager

Publish Date: 04.25.2024

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For engineering leaders, the lack of software reliability is the quiet killer of product health, customer satisfaction, and business stakeholder relationships.

Leaders must encourage the right team behaviors to maximize product reliability. Without this, engineering teams cannot deliver predictably or maintain a clear focus on strategic goals

At this live webinar and Q/A, we will:

  • Provide an overview of software reliability and its significance to stakeholders

  • Review pre requisite metrics to discuss reliability

  • Share best practices and behaviors to improve your team’s reliability

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