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Does Velocity have an on-premise solution?
Does Velocity have an on-premise solution?

Velocity Agent

Written by James McGill
Updated over a week ago

Yes! Code Climate Velocity Agent is a component of Code Climate Velocity. We’ve developed Velocity Agent to provide organizations the flexibility to take advantage of all the Velocity features while keeping their software source code in their on-premise GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, or on-premise GitLab Server instances.

The Velocity Agent (highlighted in green in the diagram) is a lightweight component deployed as a Docker container. The Velocity Agent is in charge of processing the SCM's webhooks and transferring aggregated data to the rest of Velocity services hosted by Code Climate.

The data set extracted by Velocity Agent

Velocity only ingests data associated with repositories that have been added within the administrative user interface. For each repository, we extract:

  • Pull requests (author, description and file names)

  • Pull request events (review requests, merged, closed)

  • Pull request reviews

  • Pull request comments

  • Git commit metadata

Note: Velocity never extracts source code files from the Github: Enterprise instance.

Extracted data is persisted within our hosted database to support advanced reporting.

For more security details, head to our Security page.

To view a list of technical requirements for your self-hosted server:

Ask your Sales or CSM contact for instructions on how to link your SCM instance to Velocity:

  • GitHub Enterprise

  • Bitbucket Server

  • On-premise GitLab Server

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