Jira Permissions
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Permissions vary based on your Jira version. See the documentation below to ensure you have the right permissions before you start setting up JIRA in Velocity.

For Data Center and Jira Server v8.13 or below:

If you have Jira Server v8.14 and above:

If you have Jira Cloud:

Note for Jira Cloud: ideally the PAT will have Owner permissions. While it is possible to use a Maintainer role with the minimum “Browse Projects” permission, this requires additional manual setup steps to ensure your project data is kept up-to-date. Please contact your AE or CSM for more information.

Troubleshooting Permissions

401 Status Error:

When Jira returns a 401 status error (Token Unauthorized), this indicates the token configured to fetch data from Jira is either invalid or does not have permission to fetch the data about the projects you are attempting to sync.

To fix this, try one or both of the following solutions:

  • Expand the personal access token permissions to be able to have access to the projects you wish to sync

  • Regenerate the personal access token

Project Permissions:

Check that Project permissions are set to the "Browse Project" permission.

Group Permissions:

When connecting Jira, it's important to check that Group permissions are set accordingly.

If these credentials do not include Jira Admin permission (`Administer Jira` global permission), Velocity won't be able to create the webhooks required to keep your Jira data up-to-date. You'll need to manually create a Jira webhook by following the instructions here.

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