To sync your project management tools with Velocity, you'll need to first connect your Jira instance followed by adding the Jira Projects you wish Velocity to report on.

Velocity supports Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Jira Data Center. For Jira Cloud setup, follow the steps below. For Jira Server or Data Center, go to this link.

Step 1: Connect your Jira instance to Velocity

  • Next, fill in the required fields.

    • Fill in the form

      JIRA Version: Jira Cloud

      Hostname (i.e. your domain name)

      Email address

      Click “Create project management tool”

  • Once complete, click the button to Create project management tool.

Step 2: Add your Projects to Velocity

Add Projects:

Once you’ve added your Jira instance to Velocity, navigate to Projects page in Settings.

  1. Select Add Project

  2. Select the project(s) you want to be added to Velocity and then click add projects or use the “add all projects” button to add everything

Note: If you can’t find a project or projects aren’t showing up yet, use the Sync Projects button to update the list of available projects.

Project Status

Added projects will show on the Projects page with status information. Newly added projects take about 5 minutes to sync and will show up as “syncing” in the project list. Once the project is sync’d, the status will show as “connected.”

Project Syncs

Projects will sync periodically (about every 15 minutes) ensuring that data in Jira stays up to date with Velocity.


What if my projects show up as errored?

Not seeing your projects?

The Personal Access Token used to connect Velocity to your Project Management Tool needs to have, at minimum, the Browse Projects permission.

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